ELASI Philippines

One of the Leaders in Microwave Contract Manufacturing

Advantages in Dealing with ELASI

ELASI Philippines' company efforts resulted to:

1. World Class Quality Work

2. Guaranteed High Assembly Yield

3. Fast Turnaround Time

4. Cheaper Costs

It is all made possible by efficient and unlimited labor and by experienced Engineering Staff tempered by years of handling various electronic assembly processes. ELASI Philippines' customers have over the years increased to 18 from all over the United States. ELASI Philippines has signed non-disclosure agreements with each of its customers to protect the confidentiality of their designs and products.

ELASI Philippines deals with the big and small - there are no minimum  volume. One-shot or long-term deals, ELASI Philippines, offers no strings  attached in dealing with its customers. With No binding arrangements, you can either turn ELASI Philippines on or off.
If ELASI does a good job, you will keep coming back. If not, you can drop us.